The Best Sous Vide Ribeye Steak

At first we were a little reluctant to try out cooking our ribeye steak sous vide using this method. We are schooled that a lower temperature yields the best results with cuts like ribeye. However after multiple stories of how this definitely was the best way to cook your ribeye steak sous vide, we decided to try it out.

And oh boy, we do not regret going down this route. So here you have it our (with lots of inspiration from the internet cooks) take on the best sous vide ribeye steak.

Leave your comment down below if you have tried it – or plan to try it. Did you like it? Would you do anything differently?

Best Sous Vide Ribeye Steak

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Our take on how to cook the best sous vide ribeye steak. Cooking it at this temperature allows the fat to render down, ensuring you get a nice, tender and juicy ribeye steak.


  • Salt

  • Ribeye steak (preferably minimum 1.5 Inch / x CM thick)

  • Oil (preferably one which can handle high heat, like Avocado Oil)

  • Optional: Rosmary

  • Optional: Butter


  • Start by prepping your water bath (see our article on which container you can use here) and dialing in your sous vide equipment.
    The temperature should be set at 58.3 °C / 137 °F.
  • Prep your meat by patting it dry and rub it in salt to your liking.
  • Place your meat in a bag and vacuum it (or use a Ziploc bag if that is how you roll).Vacuuming Ribeye Steak
  • Place your meat in your water bath and leave it for 2 hours or 120 minutes.
  • Optional: Close to the 2 hour mark. If you plan to cool your steak in an ice bath you should now prepare this.
  • Once 2 hours have passed, take your ribeye steak out of the sous vide water bath.
  • Start heating up your pan or grill. You want this to be blazing hot once we are ready to sear the steak.
  • Ice bath: Leave your steak in the bag you used for sous vide and place into the ice bath. Leave it for a couple of minutes.

    Freezer: Take the ribeye steak out of the sous vide bag, rub the ribeye steak dry. Place it on a paper towel on a rack or plate and leave it for 10 minutesSteak about to go into icebath
  • Finish off by frying or grilling your steak for 1-1.5 min on each side on your blazing hot pan or grill in order to build up a nice crust.Pan-frying Ribeye Steak
  • Optional: If frying in a pan I would suggest to baste the steak in butter and rosemary just as you are about done with frying the steak – this really gives it the final cherry on top!

Recipe Video


  • Placing your steak into an ice bath or in the freezer immediately after you finish sous vide is critical in order to achieve the best possible result.
  • You should look for a great fatty steak with a nice marbling. The more marbling the better! Do not be afraid of the marbling, this is all flavor and juiciness!

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