Best Sous Vide Time And Temperatures

Are you looking for the best time and temperatures
for the ingredient you want to sous vide?

In the list below you will be able to sort on the type of ingredient
and we will display a list of ideal temperatures and time which
we would aim for depending on what level of doneness you are aiming for.

When looking at the cooking time, you will find that we indicate a range. This range implies that we have had success with cooking the ingredient in the whole time frame and it should be delicious. However there are points where which we prefer and would aim towards – these are highlighted with “our aim“.

This page is continuously updated as we gather new experiences with sous vide.

If you have any questions to cooking times, temperatures, missing ingredients or cuts of meat or anything else related to sous vide, then let us know by writing a comment in the comment section below.

Beef Roast
Veal Picanha


Ribeye Sous Vide Temperature and Cooking Time
Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Rare54 °C / 129 °F1H - 2H (Our aim: 1H)
Medium58.3 °C / 137 °F1H - 2H (Our aim: 2H)
Well Done68 °C / 154 °F1H - 2H (Our aim: 2H)

For the best results with fattier cuts of beef like Ribeye we suggest following our recipe for cooking it at 58.3 °C / 137 °F.

Beef Roast

Beef Roast / Ribeye Roast Sous Vide Cooking Time and Temperature
Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Rare56 °C / 133 °F7H - 15H (Our aim: 7H)
Medium60 °C / 140 °F6H - 13H (Our aim: 6H)
Well Done70 °C / 158 °F5H - 11H (Our aim: 5H)

Veal Picanha

Also known as top sirloin cap, rump cover, rump cap, or culotte.

Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Rare52 °C / 125 °F5H - 10H (Our aim: 5H)
Medium Rare55 °C / 132 °F5H - 10H (Our aim: 5H)
Medium58 °C / 136.5 °F5H - 10H (Our aim: 5H)
Well Done64 °C / 147 °F5H - 10H (Our aim: 5H)

For instructions on cooking a delicious sous vide veal picanha, check out our recipe here.


Pork Chops

Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Rare58 °C / 136 °F1H - 3H (Our aim: 1H)
Medium62 °C / 144 °F1H - 3H (Our aim: 1H)
Well Done70 °C / 158 °F1H - 3H (Our aim: 1H)

Pork Roast

Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Rare58 °C / 136 °F2.5H - 5.5H (Our aim: 3H)
Medium62 °C / 144 °F2.5H - 4H (Our aim: 3H)
Well Done70 °C / 158 °F2.5H - 3.5H (Our aim: 3H)

Chicken Breast
Boneless Chicken Thighs

Chicken Breast

Raw Free-range Organic Chicken Breast
Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Juicy65 °C / 149 °F1H - 3H (Our aim: 1H)
Well Done75 °C / 167 °F1H - 3H (Our aim: 1H)

Planning on cooking chicekn breast sous vide? Find inspiration in our recipe on rosemary chicken breast sous vide.

Boneless Chicken Thighs

Doneness Temperature Cooking Time
Tender65 °C / 149 °F0.45H - 5H (Our aim: 1H)
Falling Off The Bone Tender75 °C / 167 °F0.45H - 5H (Our aim: 1H)


Considerations When Deciding On Sous Vide Time and Temperature

Keep in mind that the longer you leave your ingredients in the water bath, the more the texture of the meat will change. Generally, tender cuts will need a shorter sous vide cooking time than more chewy tough cuts.

Our list on this page is a collection of our own experiences and should be considered as such. The list is build upon trial and error and inspiration from sous vide gurus. We obviously do not intend to feed our own guest with anything unsafe, hazardous or poisonous. We are however not food safety experts and only happy amateurs, therefore you should only see our recommendations as such and cannot hold us liable should you have a bad experience following our recommendations.

There are many great resources available online for sous vide time, temperatures and recipes. Some of our personal favorites are: ChefSteps, Douglas Baldwin and The Food Lab.

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